Documentary on the Camino de Santiago in español with english subtitles

Since just before walking my first Camino in April of 2014 I have been working on learning to speak Spanish. It has actually been one of those things that I have said over the years I would love to do, but really that was just all talk. However, when I returned from the Camino in May of 2014 I continued my studies and have really fallen in love with the Spanish language. I have a very long way to go in my studies and still feel like a middle school student or lower when it comes to my grasp of the language but I continue to work on it almost daily and am slowly improving. It has become a labor of love. here is a youtube channel that provides documentaries in Spanish with English subtitles. A winner on two fronts. You get to learn a little history and at the same time learn Spanish as well. If you wish you can also change the language to English.

This is a really cool documentary on the Camino de Santiago from the PlanetDoc youtube channel.

Documentary on the Camino de Santigo

Buen Camino!

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