February 17 2018 Day 1 Via de la Plata

In the last 24 HRs. I have traveled from home to Madrid, Spain. My flights were uneventful fortunately. I traveled from Sacramento, to Atlanta, to Paris, and finally to Madrid. I was able to get a late flight from Sacramento so my flight from Atlanta to Paris did not leave Atlanta until 11pm Atlanta time or about 8pm my body time. My wife would tell you that it was a very civilized time. What I liked about it is that I was able to sleep almost the entire flight to Paris. So I arrived in Madrid somewhat rested and woke up this morning at my regular time ready to go.

I have problems uploading photos to my blog from my phone for some reason these days so I have decided to post photos on my Vinsman Facebook page.

Today I travel by train to Zafra, which is the place I stopped in 2015. Tomorrow I start walking.

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Location:Calle de Murcia,Madrid,Spain

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