February 19 2018 Day 4 Torremejía Via de la Plata

Last night was definitely not my favorite. While the pod idea for beds is really cool, they are made with a guy 5’8” in mind. I prefer to stretch out which was impossible. That being said someone’s alarm woke me up at 7am so I must have slept ok.

Today my walk was about 28k of straight farm roads through mostly vineyards and some olive groves. As a wine geek I loved it. To see the different types of soils as you walk along is really interesting. From rich lush soils to clay and limestone soils depending on where on each hill the vineyard was. The farmers are feverishly working to prune the vineyards and till the soil. They are even burning all of the cuttings, something that we rarely do in California any more due to environmental concerns. As I walked past these fires I could feel the heat and see the ashes floating away on the wind.

I am not sure what type of grapes they are growing but it is interesting to see the different pruning techniques. Many goblet type vineyards while the new ones being planted are going to trellised systems.

Walking along I was reminded of walking the Meseta on the Frances. Some will tell you that I is boring but I beg to differ. I normally walk in the spring so the fields are just now coming back to life. The system of nature, rebirth. That is kind of what the Camino is for me. It gives me time to reflect and consider how I might want to do things differently and the Meseta is a perfect place to do that. It is not to difficult so your head can be on a swivel looking at all of God’s beautiful creations while considering life.

I earned my first blister today. I am thrilled. It is not too bad and fortunately I have my compeed so off we got. I do love walking in my Altra trail shoes. They are really comfortable and best of all my feet do not ache after a long day of walking.

There are 3 of us in the albergue tonight. Me and the two ladies from Poland that have been walking at the same time as me. They keep to themselves but that is ok. I have learned that they will walk to Cáceres and then head back home until next year. Ah to live in Europe so it is no big deal to spend a week or two on the Camino.

Tomorrow is a short day. Only 16k to Mérida. I think that is by design because Mérida was the retirement city for the Roman legions so there is a full day of site seeing to do. Mérida has the longest Roman bridge still in existence, along with a coliseum, aqueduct, and a ton more. Pictures to follow tomorrow.

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Location:Calle José de Espronceda,Torremejía,Spain

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