February 20 2018 Day 5 Via de la Plata

We ended the night last nigh with 4 pilgrims including myself. Not bad for a early Camino. The addition to our group it turns out is a 70 year old man from a small village in Burgos. His name is Agapito.

Today was one of the shortest days that I have walked on the Camino. Only 16k so a quick 3 or so hours and I was at my next destination Mérida. There is actually a great reason for the short day as Mérida is the Capital of Extremadura, the autonomous region that I am walking in right, but more importantly it was formed in the 1st century as Ermita Augustas which was a retirement city for the Roman legions when they were done fighting. So there are amazing Roman ruins to see and history to take in. Mérida has the longest Roman bridge in existence today along with a Forum, Theater, Circus, Temples, Bath’s and the like. All very beautiful and amazing.

The walk in was a nice walk although the trail was a bit rocky it was still not too bad. How bad can it be when your only walking a few hours. I got a chance to walk with Agapito. He is a very interesting man. He has walked many Camino’s and walks about 40k per day. He is a wine guy with about 4,000 bottles in his cellar. Since hi lives in the Ribera del Duero area he favors that wine. Once we got to the albergue we traded information and said our goodby’s and off he went. I considered trying to go to but that is not my plan so I resisted and glad I did.

The albergue in Mérida is truly a municipal. It has 18 beds, charges 8 € for a bed and 2 € for breakfast. The hospitalero is Guillermo who shares the duties with his sister in law. There is no WiFi so you will get this the next time I have it. The showers are nice and hot and the beds are comfy so hey what else could a pilgrim ask for.

I got a chance to actually talk to my Polish pilgrim friends and even went to lunch and sight seeing together. They are Marda and Ana both teachers from northern Poland. We had a fun day. Marda teaches English and Spanish and if fluent in both. Ana teaches grade school and understands English perfectly but does not feel comfortable speaking. It took me a bit to get used to Marda’s dry sense of humor but she is funny. We talked a little politics, it seems that Poland is experiencing the same thing as we are. They described the current government as Trump like. Marda is a fan, mostly, while Ana is totally opposed. They told me that they don’t speak politics at home because it is too charged a subject. I told the I could relate.

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Location:Avenida de José Fernández López,Merida,Spain

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