February 21 2018 Day 6 Via de la Plata

After a short day waking in to Mérida and a chance to see some amazing Roman ruins, today was a long day. The stage from Mérida to Alcuéscar is 36k or about 22 miles. On the bight side I made it with some gas to spare. I am always surprised by how well I can walk. My Altra shoes are super stars as my feet do not hurt and are not sore even after that long of a day.

This is good news because tomorrow is almost 39k into Cáceres. The Via de la Plata has longer stages and many times there is really nothing in between but some beautiful scenery.

There is now a group of 5 pilgrims as we have added 2 Spaniards to the group. One is Jose Miguel and I have yet to learn the name of the other.

We are staying in a monastery tonight. I had a chance to go to Mass for the first time, it felt great. We then had a communal dinner.

Now it is off to bed to rest up for a long day tomorrow.

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Location:Carretera Montánchez,Alcuéscar,Spain

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