February 23 2018 Day 8 Via de la Plata

Today I started out in Cáceres ready for a nice 33k walk to Embalses Alcántara. The walk took us along a man made lake or embalse to what was supposed to be a new albergue on the shore of the lake. Well, it will be open on March 1st. So we called a taxi to bring us to the next albergue which is in Canaveral about 10 k further down the trail.

While I was a bit distraught about the thought of walking 10k more after 33k I was pretty happy to find a number for a taxi and even happier when they arrived and took us to the albergue. Today was the first day that I was mentally exhausted. My body is telling me to take it easy for a day so that is what I am going to do. Fortunately, tomorrow is only a 20k day on my schedule so it might be even shorter I have decided to play it by ear or at least listen to what my body is telling me.

We got to the albergue about 2:30 so we had time for a nice lunch. It’s Friday and Lent so fish was on the menu for me. As a side note last night I made a delicious bocadillo with Jamón of course that I realized I could not eat today. Yep it will keep till tomorrow. There is only one albergue in the town of Cañaveral and it is brand new and really great. My showers was one of the best I have had on the Camino, yes, it is the little things that make a difference. As I write this blog there is a pellet stove roaring away behind me heating my back.

A note about walkintg the via de la plata. It is more expensive. Albergue’s are costing about 15€ per night. Food is equal or less. I had a delicious menu del día today with a giant beer for 10€. There is no pack transfer service. The via de la plata is for more seasoned walkers in my opinion.

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Location:Avenida Doctor Boticario,Cañaveral,Spain

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