February 24 2018. Day 8 Via de la Plata

Today started out great. A crisp cold but sunny day of only about 28k. I was happy with the thought that we would be done walking in a little less than 6 hours.

We walked past an hermitage and then up the steep hill and into the Pine Forrest most of the morning was walking through the pine’s and Oak’s past a bunch of cows. I took a picture of a cow with horns pointing in different directions. All in all it was a nice morning. I felt much better today and was ready to walk.

We stopped for a break after the Forrest and before walking along the road. Once we headed up the road there came a point where it said to turn. The markers were not normal. Right now the markers are granite blocks but these were metal made to look like granite blocks. Well I thought someone was trying to fake us out and have us go a different way. So we kept walking along the road for another few Km. I checked my app and realized that we were no longer on the Camino. After a brief moment of panic we decided to keep walking until we could find a path back to the Camino. We finally did but with some interesting diversions. We climbed up a hill and walked thought fields full of sheep and then had to cross over a bobbed wire fence and finally climb a gate to get back to the Camino. Needless to say lesson well learned. Follow the damn markers. We added at least 6k to our walk today.

In the end we arrived in Galisteo a beautiful walled city. We are not staying inside the walls but did go and walk around the city and were able to climb up and walk the walls. They are from the time of the Muslim occupation and pretty amazing.

Tomorrow we walk to Capara which is one of the jewels of the Via de la Plata. A Roman arch. Pictures to follow.

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Location:Calle Egido,Galisteo,Spain

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