February 25 2018 Day 10 Via de la Plata

Today was my 8th day of walking. It seems that it takes about a week or two to get used to the daily grind of walking long distances every day. Yesterday, I felt pretty good, today not quite as good but still good. My legs are machines. I can just go and go. The rest of me not so much.

The weather today was cold and crisp this morning about 27 degrees to start out. I have everything I need to stay warm so that is not a problem and I love the clear days so that works as well. By this afternoon I was only in a teeshirt so it warmed up nicely.

We walked along the road for the first 10k and then for the last 20k we walked through oak forrest which was simply beautiful. It is so green here during this time of year that it makes it extra nice.

My walking friends are Jose Miguel from Burgos and Ed from New York City. Jose Miguel is a retired train conductor, he drive freight trains for most of his career and then for the final 5 years he drove short haul passenger trains. Ed just resigned from the NYC fire department as a paramedic which was his post retirement career as he spent the majority of his working life as an energy trader on Wall Street. I love walking with Jose Miguel as we spend the day talking in Spanish the entire time. I am surprised at how much I understand. Today was the first of I am sure many walking with Ed.

We finished our walk at an ancient Roman town. The town of Cáparra. The archeologists are working on discovering what was there but the Arch of Cáparra needs no discovery. It is huge and just right there in the middle of the Camino. One we reached Cáparra we called to be picked up and driven to the hostel which is 8k away. Tomorrow we will continue along the Camino. That is one of the things about the Via de la Plata, the way does not always pass near civilization. Sometimes you have to detour to sleep and then return to continue.

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Location:Carretera de Gijón a Sevilla,Jarilla,Spain

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