Fonfrìa to Sarria

Today started out with a long downhill. 9k down to Tricastella. The albergue in Fonfrìa was active very active early this morning. Pilgrims were up and about at around 4:45am. Crazy, but we were up and out by 6am. Walking in the dark with our headlamps showing us the way. We were again very lucky with the weather. The forecast called for rain but fortunately we arrived in Sarria before it started.
 The walk to Sarria is just over 28k. A beautiful day of walking through the hills. I had planned to stay at the Convento La Magdalena which is at the far end of town where the camino trail leaves town. As I walked up to the albergue I was met by an elderly man who asked if he could help me. I told him that I was going to stay at the the Convento. He told me it was completo. Which means sold out. So I grabbed my friend backpacks and walked back towards town. I stopped to tell a friend that the Convento was sold out and one of the employees of my favorite Italian restaurant told me that they had an albergue in the back. It was great. We had 5 beds full of friends and there was only one other. A big room with few people. That is heavenly.
 For dinner we had a table of 11 or 12 pilgrims all eating delicious Italian food drinking wine and laughing. A fun night was had by all.
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