Grañon to Villafranca Montes de Oca March 21 2019

Well, first of all last night was one of the coldest nights I have had on the Camino. The room was freezing and it almost hurt to breather it was so cold. I stayed in a donativo albergue that was interesting to say the least. I am a pilgrim so I am grateful to have had a roof over my head and a meal. That being said as meals go it was not at the top of my donativo list but hey it was ok.

Today we walked from Grañon to Villafranca Montes de Oca. I usually stop in Villafranca for breakfast as I have stayed in Tosantos but it was closed so we walked 28k. I had a chance to have lunch with a friend from the area whom I met last year while walking the Via de la Plata. Jose Miguel lives in Miranda de Ebro which is only about 30km from here. We had a great lunch and reminisced about the Camino. I also met his friend Mateo who is a hospitalero in Miranda which is on the Camino de Bayona. Ed also knows Jose Miguel so we both had fun talking to him.

Villafranca is at the base of what will be a relatively long climb. It is 12km to the next town when is San Juan de Ortega. I will most likely walk to within 10km of Burgos so that Saturday is a short day into Burgos.

Still having fun. My body is getting stronger. We walked very fast today and even with stops were faster than 5km per hours.

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