Great day in Madrid

I arrived in Spain early this morning. Actually really early since my flight landed almost an hour early. I literally walked directly to the express bus stop with only a 5 second stop at Spanish customs. 10 minutes later I was in the bus and on the way to Atocha train station. Super easy.

Once I was checked in and had taken a much needed shower I was on my way to the Orange Mobil store. I am a big fan of Orange. For 15€ I got a SIM for my iPhone 6 that includes 2gigs of data, 30 days free calling in Spain and 1 cent per minute calls to the US. Amazing!!!

Next I met one of my Spanish teachers for the afternoon. I have been studying about 2 hrs per week with Mario since September 2013. Although I feel like I know him it was great to meet in person. We had a great lunch and then just walked around Madrid talking about this that and the other thing. Mostly in Spanish and sometimes in English.

Now after very little sleep I am headed off to LALA land.

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Location:Calle de Murcia,Madrid,Spain

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  1. So exciting thinking of you in Madrid! You have done well finding out the way to do things: i.e. the phone there. It must have been wonderful seeing your Spanish “teacher”. I imagine he gets great satisfaction with your hard work & intentional progress. I can attest to the effectiveness of your Spanish on the Camino. What an adventure you are on!!!!!! Hope you konked out & adjust to the time change soon. Pictures: post pictures!

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