Hontanas to Boadilla del Camino March 24 2019

Last night in Hontanas was really fun. We sat at a big table with Jose from Barcelona, Andres from Valencia, Dennis from Switzerland, Herman from Germany, Marion from Slovakia, and Katherine from Missouri. The room was full of people from Korea, Germany, Japan, and America. It was a melting pot and really fun.

Today we walk past the ruins of Albergue San Anton were my friend Kerri serves as a Hospitalero. It is closed at this time but we stopped to take some pictures. Next stop was Castrojerez which is a beautiful little town. Then out onto the meseta. A steep climb awaited us. We talked and kept on going . Today was long walk in the warm sun. We made it to one of my favorite albergues. It’s an oasis in the meseta. En El Camino in Boadilla del Camino. You walk into this albergue and go into a lush green area with grass and a swimming pool. A family runs the albergue and the new hotel next door. Edwardo is the son. He has been here since 2013 when I first stayed here. They are genuinely nice people.

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