Hospital de Obrigo to Santa Catalina de Samoza

Today started out cold. I actually had to put my gloves on for the first time. The day turned out to be a beautiful day though, clear and about 75 degrees.
 Our walk today started through the freshly planted fields of corn, wheat and potato’s. Then up into the hills. Headed for Astorga.

As we came to the top of the first hill we found this pilgrim statue. Pretty cool. That is me on the left then Dana from Florida and Mike and Ashleigh from Australia. We have been walking off and on for the past week or so.

As we came up what would be the last hill before Astorga this guy has a stand with fresh fruit, dried fruit, cookies, juice and other things. All for whatever you think they are worth. In Spain it is called donativo. Which basically means give what you want but not free. The guy makes a killing, he just bought the property.

Me standing In a wheat field.

This is a cross at the top of the hill looking down on Astorga which you can see in the back ground.

This is the Gaudi museum in Astorga.
 After Astorga the trail begins to climb. We are now I the foothills of the Galician mountain range. Santa Catalina de Samoza can only be described as a little village in the hills. Tomorrow I will walk to the Cruz de Ferro then down the hill to Acebo or farther if I have the strength.

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