Last day in Sevilla

Today is may last day in Sevilla. I managed to see all of the sights in detail.
First I attended Mass at the Cathedral. It was beautiful. There were at least 6 priests and many more monks who sang and did the readings. I really enjoyed it.

Since the line to get into the Cathedral was almost a city block long I went to the Alcazar first. Wow is all I can say. From the outside it is very deceiving. The Alcazar was originally built by the Moors so the tile and architecture are beautiful. It is huge, and the gardens are simply amazing. The smell of orange blossoms are totally intoxicating. Strangely the oranges are not sweet as you would expect but bitter and highly prized for marmalade in the UK.

After the Alcazar I went back to the Cathedral. I wanted to climb the tower. There are 37 ramps that lead to the top of the tower. It was designed that way by the Moors because they needed to go to the top 5 times a day to make the call for prayer. By using ramps they could have a donkey carry them up to the top of the tower. There is even a place for the donkey to stay while the call for prayer is made. It was amazing. You get a 360 degree view of the city. Since I had gone to Mass I had seen most of the Cathedral already. It is the third largest Catholic cathedral in the world.

Location:Calle Federico Sánchez Bedoya,Seville,Spain

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  1. Thanks for letting me follow your post. Sevilla is one of my favorite cities. i loved the Alcazar. It is a wonderful city to walk – perfect for a Pilgrim. Looking forward to following you.

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