Leon to San Martin del Camino

Today it dawned on me that my Daughter Ali would love the Camino if for no other reason then the many cats and kittens in every town and village.

After a nice day of rest I just kicked it into high gear and walked 27k in about 5 hours.

There were two routes today to choose from. Admittedly I choose poorly walking along the highway for most of the day. Lesson well learned.

This morning I met a nice Italian guy from near alba. Hilario is his name. We walked together for several hours.

Had a chance to walk through Camino del Fresno but decided not to risk it. Lol.

There must be a population explosion going on in Spain. I see Storks everywhere.

I am staying at Albergue Santa Ana. A nice place in a small town. In the back of the place they have tons of chickens.

Tonight I had dinner with Hilario from Italy and Francisco and Filipe from Spain. We had an awesome garlic soup with noodles and then chicken and potatoes. I suspect that I was eating one of the chickens from the back yard. None the less it was one of the best meals that I have had in an albergue.

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