Let The Preparations Begin

I leave for Spain in just over 2 weeks. I have been walking everyday, but only short distances. Between 3 and 4 miles. I have also been carrying my pack to become used to the weight on my back. The weather in Spain right now is cold and wet. Seems like our friend “El Niño” is paying a visit to Europe as well as here in the us.

In 2013 I started April 3rd. The route Napoleon was closed due to snow, so I walked the Valcarlos route. I can easily say that after walking both routes that each has its own challenges. I also walked in Snow over Alto Padron and O’Cebrero. I am not a huge fan of the snow, but frankly, it is easier to walk in the snow than the rain in my opinion.

I have been going over my packing list in my head, trying to figure out how to get the weight of my pack down. Today I finally unpacked it, washed all of the clothes again and began the repacking process. I found all kinds of things in my pack that I did not need including an extra set of clothes. I am still taking 3 sets just leaving the 4th home this year. After putting everything in that I think I will need not including water and food I am at 17lbs. That is pretty darn good for me. The crazy thing is that I carry almost 8lbs of water, so in the morning I will be carrying 25lbs out the door.

I have made all of my bus reservations for travel withing Spain and also have my trip from Santiago to Madrid booked on Ryanair. The few hotel reservations that are necessary are handled. I have a Euro or two to get me by. I think I am ready to go.


  1. 17 lbs. (25lbs.), that’s good for you! 8lbs. of water? How much is that? My pack is 9.4 lbs. without water, 2 outfits- one on me & one in my pack. Your clothes would weigh more than mine. It’s fun to see what we eliminate each trip. Two weeks: that’s close! On what site & bus line did you make reservations? That’s all we haven’t done yet. Laurence suggested Cheryl & I stay open to walking longer & extending our trip. I can but she can’t. Oh well, next year! Exciting to read your email.

  2. Your preparations remind me of the excitement and anticipation I felt planning my Camino. I also remember how encouraging you were to first-timers like me. You’re going to be an excellent hospitalero, my friend. ¡Buen Camino!

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