Logroño to Nájera March 19 2019

Today was the first long day of the Camino. If you are following the stages it is the 8th stage. The day is approximately 30km. There are a few stops along the way but Vaina is really the most amazing. The church in Viana is simply spectacular. It would have been easy to miss. Fortunately we stopped for coffee just next door so before we left town we decided to leave and since the church was open we went in. Wow! I will try to put a picture in when I get home.

We walked the majority of the day in the rain. It was off and on and at some times between the wind and the rain it as interesting. Others it was nice but of course when you have your rain gear on it is wet no matter what.

Today I am staying in Nájera which is the place that a worked as a hospitalero. I really like this town and feel very comfortable here. I am staying at the albergue which ironically I have never stayed at as a pilgrim. I have always stayed in a private Albergue. I learned so much working as a hospitalero. Mostly I learned that I love the pilgrims that stay in the municipal albergues and the experience of the camino is totally enhanced by staying in them, in my opinion. Crazy enough there is even wifi here now. I got to have a great dinner at my favorite restaurant in town Buen Yantar. The Morcilla is always delicious.

Tomorrow we will walk to either Santo Domingo or on to Granon.

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  1. I agree with you about the municipal albergues. I was reluctant to try them but they definitely have their appeal for the variety of pilgrim’s you’ll meet. There is a sweet little municipal albergue in Ligonde (Galicia). Robert and I were walking with our German friend and the 3 of us ended up having the albergue all to ourselves and had a great meal in the only café in town. The hospilatero was so sweet. She hugged us goodnight and left at 10:00 and told us to check ourselves out in the morning.

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