Making final preparations

It is funny how even though I have walked the Camino before it is still a bit stressful to decide what goes and what stays. I have been training with a full pack including about 3 liters of water for the past month or so. When I got back from the Camino last year I unpacked my backpack, washed everything that needed to be washed and then repacked it all. The good news about that is the things I left / donated to the Camino last year did not get repacked. The bad news is that I have added things that I think I will need. Fortunately, not too many.

Yesterday I completely emptied my pack again. I sprayed the pack with premethrin, to help deter bedbugs. I also sprayed my sleeping bag. I was fortunate last year to avoid bed bugs but I really think it might be just the luck of the draw. I then checked to make sure I had all of the toiletries that I would need. It is very minimum fortunately. Checked for clothes anything else I might need. Fortunately, Spain is a beautiful modern country so there is really no problem getting anything that you need along the way.

Last year I took my Ipad and an Ipod touch and a phone. Too much. this year I am taking an Ipad mini and my Spain phone. The Ipad mini will also be my camera, music player if I want, and communication device. I will be able to Skype with my family and also imessage. There is tons of free WiFi on the Camino.

Today I will unpack and repack again just to double check that I have everything. Funny enough I will have too much and will most likely leave things along the way. It is part of learning to let go.

The last preparation that I make is spiritual. Well, not really the last but certainly the most important to me. Last year I began the week after Easter and will again this year. It is such a blessing to be able to go to church all during the lenten season culminating at the Easter vigil and Easter Sunday before walking the Camino.

Tomorrow afternoon I will begin the journey to Saint-Jean-Pied-Du-Port, France. On Tuesday April 22 I will begin the Camino again. 480 miles in about 30 days. I am so excited.

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