March 10 2018 Via de la Plata

Today was our first day out of Ourense. There were two options, the traditional route which is only 20k but we were warned that after rain could be flooded and the rivers could be swollen, or the alternate route which is about 22k. We choose the alternate route which was along the road for a bit and then through a tunnel, which was really kind of cool and then up a very, very, very steep hill for about 2k. We then walked on a beautiful path through oak forests for the remainder of the morning. After about 18k we came to a little pueblo with a bar. COFFEE! From there they told us we had 5k to Cea which is the town we are staying in tonight. Well, the last 5k was easily more exhausting then the first 18k. The entire trail was ether flooded or had water running down it. There were some points where the water was ancle deep and there were no options but to just walk through the water. All of that being said we are in Galicia, and it is lush, green and beautiful.

Tonight we are staying in another Xunta albergue. It is nice. We have 3 Germans, Claus who started in Sevilla and his sister Julia and their Father who both started in Ourense. We also have a bicyclist from the UK.

I can honestly say that the people of Cea are the most unfriendly people that I have met in Spain. It must be their culture but no one smiles, and they really kind of ignore you. Oh, well tomorrow is a new day. We have 35k to A Laxe. It is going to be raining all day so should be fun.

Cheers out!

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Location:Rúa Santo Cristo,San Cristovo de Cea,Spain

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  1. I have been following your journey Andy; from your writings, I can picture every step and village you’ve visited. Travel safely; can’t wait to hear about your adventures in person.

    Buen Camino.

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