March 11 2018 Via de la Plata

Today we started in Cea and walked to A Laxe 33k. The terrain is beautiful but the weather was terrible. From the time we left the albergue until the time we arrived in A Laxe it rained, sometimes hard and sometimes drizzle but always wet and cold.

This is the first time I have ever had water actually in my pack. Fortunately I have all of my pack contents in waterproof bags because there was actually a puddle of water in the bottom of my pack.

The albergue in A Laxe is a modern cement and wood building. Unfortunately, it leaks terribly. Fortunately not in the bedroom but mostly everywhere else. On the bright side the water is hot and the shower is great. We were able to wash and dry our clothes for about 5€ which in these conditions is a treat.

Tonight we had Clifford the cyclist from Brighton UK, and and new guy Lute from Germany. Lute was an interesting guy. He did not carry a sleeping bag so he piled up pillows from the extra beds as covers. The Xunta albergues don’t have blankets and to make things a little worse in some they turn the heaters off at night. I froze last night in my down sleeping bag and that is saying something.

Tomorrow is our last long day. We have 34k to Outerio.

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Location:A Laxe, Spain

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