March 13, 2018 Via de la Plata

Today was our Final day of walking. We stayed in a Xunta albergue that is about 17k from Santiago so the walk is relatively short. a little less then 4 hrs.

W decided to start at 7:00am with our headlamps. This is a first for this camino. Our albergue is in a place called Outerio, which is basically a spot along the way up in the hills of Galicia. It is a Beautiful modern building. Except for the Hospitalero, Francisco. Ed and I are the only pilgrims in the palace. Fernando told us that there were two pilgrims yesterday but no more today.

We walked until we found or first Bar which is about 200m off the camino. Carmen the owner made us an awesome plate for breakfast. We had a grilled cheese sandwich a piece of tarta De Santiago, another piece of cake and a cookie. The coffee was scooper hot. All and all very delicious. After breakfast she showed us her new albergue that she is building. It is really beautiful, 2 double rooms a kitchen, lavadora and secadora, men’s and women’s restrooms with showers and a bunk room. Each bunk bed has a light and 2 usb chargers.

As will all walked into Santiago the walk was up and down. Since Santiago is built on a hill I told Ed that we would be climbing a bit today. We crossed the railroad track at the point where the terrible AVE crashed occurred. There is still a memorial to the lost soles.

From there we climbed up the hill toward the university of Santiago and the down into The Valley before climbing up to Galicia plaza and walking along the old town to the Plaza de Obrigado.

Once there we took al of the pictures and then had a chance to meet Clinton. Ed and I checked into our hotel or should I say cell. It was small but had two beds and an on suite so that is a winner.

We then headed to the Cathedral for the Pilgrims mass which I always love. After Mass I went to Confession which is the culmination of my Camino.

I then ran up and took a shower and changed into some warmer clothes.

Finally, we walked down to the pilgrims office and got our Compostelas and certificates of distance. Over the two years that I walked this Camino I walked 1007k or about 620 miles. However, I know that I also took a train for 166k and a bus for mother 34k so I really walked closer to 800 which is still by any means an amazing accomplishment.

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Location:Santiago de Compostela

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