March 3 2018 Days 14 and 15 Via de la Plata

Yesterday I had a nice rest day in Salamanca and played tourist. My camino friend Ed Tweedy and I visited more museums than I normally do in a year and toured the old and new Cathedral of Salamanca. To top it all off we had two great meals. The best being dinner at a little wine bar called Vinodiario which funny enough my wife Beth and I had been referred to in 2013. We really enjoyed it then and it was just as good last night.

Today Ed and I walked from Salamanca to El Cubo del Vino. A walk of about 35k or roughly 21 miles. It was a long day. With all of the rain and snow that we have been experiencing the trail is pure mud. Not easy mud but clay mud that sticks to your boots to add additional weight and make the journey just that much more of a challenge. Once we realized that between the flooded streams and the mud it was better to take the road. So today we walked almost 21 miles on the main road in the driving rain. It was a bit of a demoralizing day. I am hoping that tomorrow I feel better and more inspired.

All of that being said. The albergue in El Cubo del Vino is awesome. It is simple but the hospitalero Mercedes is awesome. We have a room with two single beds. It is only 4 € to was and dry our clothes, and after all of the rain and mud today that is a task. The restaurant in town El Chorro made us an excellent menú for 10€ and we have beds with sheets and blankets with a heater. Oh, and most importantly the shower was really hot!!

Tomorrow there will be more rain. We will head for Zamora. Cheers for now.

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Location:Calle Toro,El Cubo de Tierra del Vino,Spain

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