March 5 2018 Day 16 Via de la Plata

Today we decided at the urging or our hospitalera, Mercedes to take the bus to Zamora. I’ll admit it was not that hard to convince me, so off we went on the bus from El Cubo de Vino to Zamora.

Zamora is a beautiful walled city that sits right next to the Dauro river. There is a beautiful Roman bridge that leads pilgrims across the river and up to the albergue. Needless to say we did not cross the bridge but the Albergue is above the bridge overlooking the river. We made our way from the bus station on the other end of town along avienda tres croses to the plaza mayor where fortunately we were greeted by our two hospitaleros Javier and Rafael. They walked us to the albergue and got us all checked in. The Albergue is amazing 3 levels, the top is the entrance with sleeping quarters for the hospitaleros an office and an awesome terrace overlooking the river. The next level down is they sleeping quarters for pilgrims with heated floors and the bottom floor is the dining room, living room, kitchen. The albergue is donativo. They cooked us dinner and breakfast. It was awesome.

Once we were all checked in we went out to see the town and find some lunch. We shockingly, found our way to a wine store where I bought some wine for dinner and Ed bought some meat and cheese. I asked to owner for a recommendation for a place to eat Leschazo which is roasted baby lamb, a local specialty. He said just one minute, picked up his phone and called a restaurant to get us in. It was awesome.

Tomorrow we walk to Montamarta.

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