March 6 2018. Day 16 Via de la Plata

Today we walked from Zamora to Montamarta. It started out overcast but not too bad. We followed the road out of town and then onto the Camino. It was a nice walk for the first half. Once we passed our first town we turned onto farm roads. It started raining and the roads were pure mud. My favorite kind of mud that sticks to your boots and adds weight as you walk. At one point we were able to move to the highway. We walked along the highway for the rest of the day about 20k to Montamarta.

One of the things that I am learning about winter camino’s is that there are very few municipal albergues open at this time of the year. When we arrived in Montamarta we learned that the only albergue in town did not open until spring. So we ended up paying 20€ per person to stay in a casa rural. This is the first time I have stayed in one in all of my Camino’s. Of course we got a challenging one that the owner did it want to turn on the heat. We finally worked him over enough that he did. Funny enough he is a heating and air conditioning installer. He just did not want to pay for it.

Montamarta is a nice town and the people were very friendly. We found a nice bar an had a good lunch.

Today was one of those days that I really wanted to though in the towel and go home. Walking in the rain and wind along the highway is not my idea of a good time. Once we arrived a pulled it together and moved on.

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