March 6 2018 Day 17 Via de la Plata

My days and dates are off this is correct.

Today we decided to take a shortcut, which actually was a long cut but it shortened camino by one day. The Camino goes in a triangle and the normal route would be to go the two short sides. The shortcut was to follow the hypotenuse of the triangle and cut off a day. So we walked 29k along the road to Tábara. It was not a bad walk. I am still not a fan of the road by all and all it was ok. We had a bunch of wind and some rain along the way. But made pretty good time and arrived by about 2:30. We stayed in an albergue in town and even had a room with just two beds.

It is cold and the forecast is for more rain and snow. Tomorrow we begin to transition from walking in the flatlands to the foothills and by the end of the week we will be in the mountains of Galicia.

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