March 7 2018. Day 18 Via de la Plata

Today was a beautiful day. As we left the albergue the sun was out and it was crisp. Read that COLD. Our plan was to walk 24k to Santa Marta de Tera.

The walk was very nice, we were in the foothills and walking up and down along dirt farm paths. Not bad at all. Not too much mud and beautiful scenery. We walked about 14k to our first town and we’re ready for a hot coffee con leche. Much to our dismay there was no bar in sight, the town was basically deserted. So we took a little break and then off we went to Santa Marta de Tera.

We arrived in Santa Marta de Tera about 1:30 only to fine that the albergue was closed until mid March. So we went to the local bar to find out or options. We ended up taking a taxi to the next town.

Tonight we are staying in a donativo Albergue in Calzadila de Tera which is basically a room in a building with 6 beds a bathroom and a shower. There is not heat and no hospitalero. There is a stamp on the counter and a donativo box there as well.

I finally spotted someone to ask about a bar. We learned that there was a bar in the next town over, about a 5 minute walk across the river. Off we went. We had a nice lunch and then walked around the Pueblo a bit before heading back to our albergue. Tonight a new pilgrim joined us. His name is Julian and he is from Cavernal a town on the via de la plata.

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Location:Calle de las Tras las Casas,Calzadilla de Tera,Spain

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