March 9 2018 Via de la Plata

Today we decided to take a taxi to Puebla Sanabria and then the train to Ourense. The weather is getting worse. The snow is coming down and we just did not want to nor think it was safe to walk. Orense is the traditional place for the last 100k so at least we can get our Compostelas fair and square.

On the one hand I feel embarrassed for not roughing it out and on the other I feel very happy. The train ride was about 2hrs. As we rode along I could see snow, tons of water and miserable conditions.

Ourense is a beautiful city along the river and comparatively speaking WARM. It is in the low 60’s and it feels fantastic.

This afternoon we toured the town, the Cathedral, went to a laundry mat to wash and dry our clothes and had a great pizza lunch next to the river.

We are staying in our first Xunta albergue which is an albergue that is provided for pilgrims by the region of Galicia. They are very nice with hot showers, beds and wifi. Most have kitchens but nothing in the kitchen to cook with.

We will be in Santiago de Compostela in 4 days and I will be home in 6. I am ready to be home.

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