Moratinos to El Burgo Ranero

Crazy start this morning. Up and out at 6:10am. The earliest I have ever starts on the camino, and frankly that is saying something. As we walked along this morning the sun rose on the horizon. It was a bit crisp but a beautiful clear sky. Today was going to be hot so we were happy to get an early start. No Coffee or breakfast for 9 long kilometers.
 Today I walked with Dana from Florida and Ashleigh and her father Mike from Australia.
 The walk was about 28k along mostly nice paths but alongside the highway. There are two choices of which way to go. I choose the same way both years. The other way is along the roman road which means to me a rocky road and a pain in the foot.
 El Burgo Ranero is a cute little town. Only a few streets wide but full of life. We arrived about 1pm.

Location:Calle Fray Pedro Del Burgo,El Burgo Ranero,Spain

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