Najera to Santa Domingo de Calzada

Today was a beautiful day. I walked through vineyards and fields. Up and down but not to severe.

The albergue I stayed at in Najera

Only 582k left. It is going by so fast!

A golf course on the Camino. Four pilgrims coming through.

I felt great today. I hope this is the start of getting my walking feet back. I seem to be getting a blister every few days but they are not a big deal. Having quite an adventure. Spent the day walking with two Danes today. Really nice people.

Once you check into the albergue it’s like old home week. All the people that I have met and talked to show up and it’s hugs all around. Everyone has a Camino story from their day. Today the albergue has a foot specialist. Excitement is in the air. No one has escaped the pain of the Camino.

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