Official first day as a Hospitalero

April 1, 2016

On this day for many years my grandmother called me to fool me somehow. I was so gullible that she usually got me. Happy April Fools Day to everyone.

Today I officially started my stint as a Hospitalero. My compañera is Maria from Logroño and another lady who is set to arrive today from Sevilla. Maria and I have made a few changes to the routine here in our albergue. First we did a through and deep cleaning. That being said we were completely done will all of our chores by 9:30am this morning. Second we are opening the albergue at 1:30pm instead of 3pm so that weary pilgrims can come in and take a hot shower and get some rest. Lastly we are just re-organizing a bit. I would love to take credit for this stuff but other than opening early Maria knows what is going on and set things straight.

Yesterday we had a total of only 8 pilgrims. 2 from Poland, 2 from Korea and 4 from Spain. I love that fact that so many people from around the world walk the Camino.

So once our chores are done we are free to go out and do whatever we like. Today we went to a bar and had coffee and a slice of tortilla de patata. After that we went to the grocery store and bought some supplies including for lunch. Maria made an amazing Paella with Shrimp, Mussels, and Chicken along with a salad and bread of course and Flan for desert. We fed pilgrims when they arrived we had so much left. It felt really great to share a meal with our pilgrim friends and it was a nice surprise for them.

Before lunch I went for a walk with the other Maria who is leaving today. We walked up to a hill town with a beautiful view of the Rioja countryside and also a view of Nájera. All in all we walked about 5 miles. I was worried that I was not going to get enough walking in but from what I can tell I will have plenty of time to get out and see the town.

As an extra bonus tomorrow is Saturday and our albergue has a cleaning crew that comes in Saturday as Sunday so no cleaning (not that it is a big deal) so we will most likely be out and about for the next few days to see the area.

Sorry about the fact that I have not posted any pictures. I cannot get them to upload. I will have to post all of them once I return home.

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  1. Strategic that they put you with an experienced hospitalero, especially for the cooking & responsibility departments. She will love that you’re a “foody”! Anything she makes you’ll eat & love! Beth will love that you’ll come home having learned the fine tuning tips of deep cleaning! All good! Glad you’ll get some walking in. What an experience! Thanks for sharing the details with us, Andy

  2. Okay Andy – disregard my previous message… in this reading .. I received my answer. No worries … sometimes it is nicer to imagine what the town and surrounding area is like… rather like reading a novel about traveling when one is left to their own imagination!

    Have fun!!

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