Pamplona to Puente La Reina

Today’s walk is always interesting. Waking out of Pamplona and into the hills up to the Alto Padrón and down the other side. I guess I am in better shape this year as the climb up and more importantly the walk down the other side was not nearly as bad as I remember.

Puente La Reina is a great little town. I stayed at the Santiago Apostle albergue which is across the bridge and up the hill. The hill is not so bad but damn I never really love climbing another hill just to sleep. Anyway the albergue is great, the shower is hot and I was able to use the washer and dryer to wash all of my clothes. Today I hung out with Peter from the UK, Pietra from Germany and David from Dallas. Peter and I walked a good part of the day together he was very interesting to talk to. He has a degree from Oxford and we share many of the same views of the world.

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