Pamplona to Puente la Reina March 15 2019

Today was simply a beautiful day. The sun is out and although it was crisp this morning it ended up being nice and warm as the day went on. I climbed Alto Padrón today. A challenge for a first day especially since I don’t really do any hill training. I survived though and actually convinced myself to walk an extra 3km to see Eunate. Eunate is an ancient church that is from the 12th century. It has windows made of alabaster and is octagonal.

I am staying at the parochial albergue that has been here since the 15th century. It is crowded with 12 beds to a small room with no more than 2ft between them but it is only 5€ a night so that is what you get. I like it because there are all different kinds of people here. There must be at least 20 people. Most I have seen since I walked the Camino Frances last time. I love it.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be even warmer, but very cold in the morning. I cannot seem to upload pictures so I am emailing them to myself and will add the when I get home.

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