Puente La Reina to Ayegi

This morning as I left the albergue the sun as not even peaking over the horizon. You could see the beautiful glow in the sky but nothing more. I like to stay in Ayegi which is about 2 km past Estella. I stay at the same place every time San Chipriano albergue which is the municipal in this town. The first year I stayed here there were beds in the basement and It was basically a sports court that allowed pilgrims by 2019 they had remodeled it with beds upstairs and an elevator. Fancy, but it is still run by the local council and it feels homey. Today the Hospitaleros brother in law stopped by with a huge basket of mushrooms that he had foraged. I don’t really like mushrooms but if I did I’ll bet they would have been delish.

It is so strange to hear the phone ringing constantly with pilgrims looking for a bed. I am not sure the Hospitaleros love it either. Times are different on the Camino and in Spain. Most people wear masks inside and out. Unless you are exercising, walking the camino or something else you are wearing a mask. It’s not a big deal but you must do it as it is not optional either.

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