Puente la Reina to Estella or actually Ayegui March 16 2019

First a word about staying on the municipal albergue in Puente la Reina. There were pilgrims galore. I was in a room with 6 sets of bunk beds that could not have been more than 10 x 10. No snoring amazingly but we did have a guy that though it was a good idea to get up and the middle of the night, shine his bright light around the room and then head outside for a smoke. I am still getting used to the Camino, and probably still a bit jet lagged so that made for a less than satisfying nights sleep but it’s not so bad.

This morning I woke up to a beautiful sunny day. I was up and eating breakfast by 6am and on the road about 7. Walking out of Puente la Reina was beautiful. Just before you leave town you cross over the aptly named bridge. Then a nice walk along the river until a steep climb back up to the road and on to the next town. Today is Saturday so there really were not any services available. I walked the entire day without being able to walk into a bar and get a cafe con leche. That is a crime. Tomorrow is Sunday so I am expecting the same.

I walked an extra two Km actually up hill to get to the albergue in Ayugui first of all because I hoped there would be less people and secondly because I have stayed here in each of my last two CF’s. What it used to be was a place where they played Pelota which is a game like handball but on a bigger Court. The town set up an albergue in the basement and you used to dressing rooms to shower. The beds were in the basement. Now you still use the dressing rooms, but I can say that the water was very hot and unlimited with no button to push. They have added a kitchen, laundry facilities, an elevator and bedrooms upstairs. It is very nice. Tonight including me there will be 3 of us. Me and two Spaniards Antonio and Santiago who both had the same thoughts as they stayed in the municipal with me as well.

I got my first blister today. Big toe on my left foot. I seem to get one there almost every time I walk the Camino. No big deal.

Tomorrow I am off to Torres Del Río.

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