Returning to Spain to Walk the Camino Frances

The Camino has become a big part of my life.  When I am not walking the Camino or planning my next Camino, I spend a great amount of time helping and mentoring new pilgrims.  I have been very blessed to be a part of the Sacramento Chapter of the American Pilgrims on the Camino.  Through our chapter, I have met so many amazing people.  Most pilgrims, and especially, pilgrims that have already walked a Camino really love talking about the Camino and sharing their experiences. That probably goes double for me.  Not only do I love talking about the Camino, but, I also love studying Spanish, and especially Castillian Spanish or the Spanish of Spain.

Tomorrow, I will begin my journey to return to Spain and to again walk the Camino Frances.  This will be the first time I have been on the Frances, well, at least most of the Frances as the Norte connects to the Frances in Aruza, since 2014.  I am excited to see all of the things that have changed and probably even more excited to relive some experiences that are still the same.  There are some favorite albergues that I will most certainly stay in such as Tosantos, and Casa Garcia, but there are also many new places that I have never stayed.  I hope to walk different paths and see new things.  I hope to see Eunate just past the Alto Padrone, the river path into Burgos. I want to walk the alternative route from Léon to Villar de Mazarife through Fresno del Camino and to see the Monistary in Samos.

It is interesting how you can walk the Camino Frances many times and yet have a different experience.  Some may say that it is repetitive or boring to walk the same route, and that may be true for some.  For me, I can see how you could walk the same Camino year after year and yet have a different experience each year.   There are different cities to stay in, there are different albergues in each city and most importantly, there are different people each year.  It is all a learning experience. To have the opportunity to meet and bond with a new group of people each time, with different personalities, different styles, from different countries all with a singular goal of making it to Santiago, or Not.

I arrive in Barcelona on Wednesday, March 13th and will train to Pamplona the next day, I plan to start walking on Friday, March 15th.  This year my pack weighs 22.6 lbs before water and snacks.

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