Roncesvalles to Zubrini

The albergue in Roncesvalles is very nice. It has plenty of hot water, free wifi, and best of all for €2.70 the hospitalleros will wash dry and fold your clothes. A treat for sure. I attended to pilgrims mass, it was totally in Spanish but I got most of it.

I was up early on Thursday as is normal and off to Zubrini by 6:30. The walk was 22.7k and mostly down hill. That sounds great but it was very steep and muddy. My right knee is bothering me big time. Hopefully with a little rest it will get to feeling better. I took a 3 hour nap which helped.

The walk to Zubrini took 7 hours. I really began to hurt in the end. I had a really nice meal at a little restaurant in town. Garlic soup, pimiento stuffed with bacalao, and yougert for desert.

Tomorrow I will head for Pamplona or if I feel up to it Cizur Minor.

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