Santa Catalina de Samoza to Acebo

Today was both spiritual and brutal at the same time. The day started with a beautiful view of the full moon as we walked towards the Cruz de Ferro. We walked about 17k to get to the top of the mountain where the Cruz de Ferro is.

It is a very moving experience to carry your rock all the way from home all the while considering and praying about what emotional baggage needs to be left behind in that rock. Once you arrive the act of walking up to the Cruz and leaving your rock as has been done for centuries is amazing, and overwhelming.

The colors of the flowers on the way are beautiful.

Then you have what I believe is the most challenging part of the walk. It starts off as a gentle and lulls you into a relaxed state then the last 5k is straight down. Very very very steep slow and difficult. So happy or be in Acebo staying at the great new albergue.

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