Sarria to Gonzar

After a great nights sleep we were up and out early this morning. Our walk today is a bit long but not so bad as far as terrain goes.
 We started our day headed towards Portomarin. Sarria is the starting place for many pilgrims. The camino gets very crowded from this point to Santiago. All along the path there is a steady stream of pilgrims.

The camino is a beautiful place. Here the natural spring runs along the path so you walk on the rocks to the left.

Rush hour on the Camino. Cows and sheep rule the road, the lady Shepard is upset with my friend taking pictures. Fortunately I got mine taken before the lady focused on me.

Today I am staying in Gonzar. I have fond memories of this place with Paul and Jose.

This is my lunch. A Chulatone, basically a bone in NY steak. Heaven.

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