St. Irene to Santiago de Campostella

Yesterday I started early, about 7am from St. Irene. I was on a mission get to Santiago. I was blessed with a beautiful day.

As I walked I missed a turn. Fortunately another pilgrim called out to me and helped me get back on track. As I walked into Santiago all of these feelings inside welled up.

Beth and my Camino friend Paul Baldwin.

Today I went to 10am mass alone and had a chance to reflect on all of the blessings of the Camino. I even went to confession to fully complete my journey.

At the noon pilgrims mass it was so great to see so many of the people I met on the Camino. Tonight we will go to Mass at 7:30 to see the swinging of the boatafumeria. All in all this has been an amazing experience.

Location:Rúa de San Francisco,Santiago de Compostela,Spain

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