St Jean Pied-du-Port

I arrived about 4:15 today by bus from Pamplona. It was an easy ride in a full bus. As we drive past Roncesvalles I was amazed at just how many pilgrims there were mulling around. From what I can see so far the Camino is full. Fortunately, I have reservation fro the next 5 days through Puente La Reina.

Today I am staying at Beilari which is technically a Gite but we call it an albergue. It is almost directly across from the pilgrims office. There are two beds available which is surprising. I think I will be the only English speaker. The balance of the guests are French. My roommate has just today finished the Le Puy route actually walking all the way to Roncesvalles today. He speaks a little English fortunately. He loved the Le puy.

St Jean Pied-pied-du-port is also full. I have met one other American but I do not hear much English being spoken. Mostly French and Spanish which is great with me.

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