The next adventure

Our next adventure is a rough one. We are taking a Mediterranean cruise. We depart from Barcelona for 12 days. We have stops in Toulon, France. Florence, Rome, and Naples Italy, Istanbul and Kushasashi (sp) in turkey, Mikinos and Athens in Greece. We end up in Venice, Italy.

This is a special trip as we have my father, and my aunt and uncle (my moms brother and his wife with us). Since my mom passed away this past June we thought it would be good to get them away for a bit. Something to take our minds off our loss.

My dad was amazing with my mom and really devoted his life totally to her care. My uncle Alan was also amazing he was at my parents house almost daily helping with my mom and giving my dad a break. So we thought this would be a really nice thank you.

Aside from that my uncle is hilarious. He has a great sense of humor and is just a really good guy.

Today we traveled from Sacramento to Los Angeles and then from Los Angeles to Paris. On the LA to Paris leg we were on the new Airbus A380. It’s a double decker plane that is absolutely huge. We were fortunate enough to be in business class which is on the upper deck. What a deal. The plane is so big that it has cameras in the tail, nose cone, and the belly of the plane that you can look at on the screen at you seat. Of course the food is really good. They served lobster cocktail to start. The best part is that I got about 6 hours sleep. So we are now in Paris and I feel pretty rested. Our next flight is to Barcelona where we will spend the next few days.

So happy to be headed back to Spain even if only for a few days this time.

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Location:Le Mesnil-Amelot,France

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