Time to Complete the Norté

May 24, 2017
My pack is a mere 10kgs or 22 lbs. without water or food.  With water and snacks it’s probably 30lbs.  I don’t want to think about it.
My day started in Sacramento, CA. I went for a walk this morning and even had a chance to see a few fellow pilgrims training along the way.
Then I did my volunteer work and St. Ignatius where I pick up food from Trader Joe’s the 4th and 5th Wednesday of the month for our Sharing God´s bounty program.
After that we headed to the Airport.  I flew out of San Francisco this time.  As an extra bonus my son John and his new bride Marcy were leaving on their honeymoon so we got to spend some time in the airport together.  Once their flight left I headed for KLM to catch my flight to Amsterdam and then on to Madrid.  I got to fly on the new 787 Dream liner on the way to Amsterdam. I am not sure where the Dream liner moniker comes in cause it was a pretty uncomfortable plane as far as I am concerned.  But hey I made it and none the worse for ware.
I arrived in Madrid at 4:25pm and had at train to catch at the Atocha train station at 5:41pm.  I thought no way will I make it to catch the train so I made a contingency plan to take the overnight bus.  Well, I made the train.  It is so easy to get out of the airport in Madrid, I literally walked off the plane and directly to the bus stop.  As luck would have it the next bus showed up 2 minutes later and off I went to Atocha.  I made it with 11 minutes to spare.  I am now on my way to Oviedo where I will spend the night.
 For the first time ever on the Camino I am wearing running shoes.  This is a test.  It was all that I could do to not put my beloved Lowa boots in my pack.  Time will tell.

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