Torres del Rio to Logroño

Today was a nice short walk. Only 21k. We. Started out early just as the sun was coming up. The first part of the walk was crisp and clear. Today we were blessed with beautiful weather. We walked about 12k before we got to the first town which is Viana. What a great place a hill town with a church in the center. In the square is a big fountain for pilgrims to fill their water bottles. We stopped and had a nice breakfast before continuing on to Logroño.

This is some street art along the way.

I must admit that I love the vino tinto from La Rioja.

Part of an awesome lunch with my camino amigos. It is called a chulitone
 Which is a big T-bone steak served on a sizzling plate with potato’s and peppers of course.
 Tomorrow we have a long day 30.1k.

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