Torres del Rio to Logroño

Today I started just before sunrise. The sky was so amazingly orange. I have been so fortunate this year with the weather. Each day I have started out in just my shirtsleeves not jacket nor jumper needed. Todays walk is really interesting because it is really two long stages. The first is about 10 km to Viana and the second is about the same distance to Logroño. Although it is short it seems longer just because of less rest on each leg. That being said I arrived in Logroño at about 11:45 am this morning. I have chores to do and need a hot shower and then I am off to see the town. Logroño is the capital of La Rioja which is a geographical region as well as a wine region. Just before the town you leave the region of Navarra and enter La Rioja. The grape harvest is in full swing. It is fun to see.

Tomorrow is the longest day yet. Logroño to Nájera. I love Nájera because I volunteered in the municipal there in April of 2016.

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