Torres Del Río to Logroño March 18 2019

Today I had a shot walk, about 22km. Of course I kicked on the afterburners and arrived in Logroño by 1130. I am staying at Santiago Apostal albergue. I stayed here in 2014 when it was brand new. It is still very nice.

I met Ed Tweedy here and many other new pilgrims.

Ed and I went out to an amazing restaurant for lunch. I love Spain as we had a menu for $15.00 each.

The city of Logroño is amazing. Tonight we will go to Mass and tomorrow we off to Nájera.

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  1. Now I’m all caught up and will be logging on each day to see your adventures. Safe travels my friend. I was excited to see that you are doing well.
    Everything here is great. Kevin and I fixed (we hope) the roof. Next rain will tell if I am a roofer now!
    Have fun!

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