Tosantos to Agés

Yesterday May 2nd was the one year anniversary of my arrival is Santiago.
 My walk today was quiet. It was the first day that I have been alone on the camino. I really enjoy walking with the people that I have but today was nice as well. The route is mostly up for the first half and then a long walk through the forrest to my ending point.
 I am staying at an albergue in agés that I stayed at last year. I like it because is family run and the family is very welcoming and friendly.
 Tomorrow I am off to Burgos.
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Location:Calle de Adobera,Agés,Spain

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  1. Hey Andy – Great to hear that you are chugging along! Love the pictures and your simple honesty! I hope that the weather continues to be better than last year, and that your journey just keeps getting better and better! Liz

  2. Hi Andy. Áine here from Dublin. Enjoying your Blog and best wishes for the rest of the Camino. I was sad to be leaving the path last weekend but hope to go back and continue in the autumn. If you happen to come across a Dutch guy called Pieter (or Peter), who was in Roncesvalles the same time we were, could you pass on my email address: aineconnolly3@gmail.com and tell him that he’s welcome to contact me when he comes to Dublin. Thanks. Buen Camino!

    x Áine

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