A quick weekend trip to Vancouver BC

Last weekend My wife and I went to Vancouver BC. We went first of all to see a concert, KISS and Shinedown, and secondly to visit and explore Vancouver. The one and only time we had been there before was May of 1996. We were there to board a Princess cruise ship to Alaska. As I remembered it Vancouver was beautiful. Vancouver is Beautiful. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver. It is a great hotel centrally located to downtown, the water front, Gas Town, and China Town. Our room was on the 30th floor with a view of the harbor.

Vancouver is a walkers paradise. You can walk just about anywhere in the city in not much more than 15 minutes. We really enjoyed walking through the shopping district, Stopped and had Dim Sum in China town and spent some time on the water front checking out the big cruise ships that were in town, as well as watching all of the sea planes take off just off the pier.

On our way home it was a little hairy, since the Asiana airlines crash and San Francisco airport had occurred the day before we were not so sure that we would make it home. When we arrived at the airport to check in for our 4:30pm flight we were told that I was delayed until 12:35am the next morning and that we would not be able to get a flight back to Sacramento until Tuesday. After scrambling for a bit trying to figure out if we might have any alternatives, which we did not. We actually boarded the plane at our scheduled time arrived a few minutes early. When we landed at SFO we landed on the runway directly next to the crash. It was surreal to see all of the debris still spread out on the runway.

All in all Vancouver was an awesome trip. Looking forward to getting back to Canada soon.

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