Vega de Valcarce to Fondria

Today was EPIC. My day started with this amazing view from my albergue balcony.

The full moon going down behind the hill with clouds creeping over next to the castle ruins. A really amazing sight that is not done justice in my pictures.

Then my walk started. About 5k into my day the snow began. The mountains were as steep and the path rocky. Within an hour it was blizzard conditions. Very humbling to a pilgrim who walks no matter what the weather.

Crossing into Galecia.

After a 7:30 start I made it to my target albergue in fonfria by 2:30. Crazy! It just makes me smile at the thought that I just 6 hours in the driving snow! I despise the snow…lol.

Now I am kicking back and enjoying a local cider. Good stuff. Tomorrow is a new day. Only 6 days till Santiago. Amazing.

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