Vega del Valcarce to Fonfría

Wow what a day. What seemed like it would be a relaxing short day of just under 24k turned into an amazingly beautiful but long day. Still only about 24k but much up and down.

We started by walking up 11k to O’Cebrerro which is supposedly the highest point on the camino. I can tell you the as I climbed and gasped for breath I believe that it is very high…

Just after O’Cebrerro we entered Galicia. Galicia is a beautiful part of Spain that is a coastal area. Mountainess and potentially wet. Today was supposed to be flat after reaching the top but it was anything but flat. We walked up and down all day.

Last year there was snow at this spot.

Saw this beautiful church with purple flowers growing out of the walls.
 I am now in my last week. I will arrive in Santiago on Friday.

Location:Estrada de Samos a Pedrafita,Fonfría,Spain

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