Villafranca Montes de Oca to Burgos March 22 2019

The Albergue San Anton Abada was a really nice albergue. The water was hot and abundant. In my room there were single beds although other rooms had bunk beds and most importantly there was heat. I did not eat at the albergue but all reports are that the food was delicious. I ate at the bar El Pájaro which is just as you come into town. It was really good. I had rabbit stew.

The walk today was in a word crazy. We started out planning on walking to an albergue that was recommended by my friend Jose Miguel. It would have been a out 27km but as it turned out the albergue was closed so we walked into Burgos. Close to 40km. My watch says 24.8 miles. I´m tired.

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